Developed for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Monitor

Take a deep-dive tour through an authentic miniature Solar System, and then venture beyond if you dare!
Stay as long as you like at each tour stop - there's lots to do at each one, with more being added in the future.

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Info about the older "Classic" version of
Titans of Space can be found here.

What is this program about?

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What is this program about?

Titans of Space 2.0 is a deep-dive tour through our Solar System, and then takes you beyond that. The primary aim is to gain new perspective on what our universe actually looks like by taking advantage of the increased spatial awareness made possible by modern VR. A secondary aim is to entertain the player with music and exciting visuals that are otherwise probably impossible to experience in our lifetime.

The experience is meant to be as authentic as possible, but sizes and distances are intentionally unrealistic. All planetary bodies are relatively toy-sized, shrunk down to 1 millionth of their actual size, which means you will see Earth as a 12.7-meter-wide holographic ball, or the size of a small house.

The tour is self-paced, and customizable through a multitude of options. During the tour, help and options are available to indicate all the different things you can do.

The program is currently in active development, so the number of things to do is currently growing! See the Early Access section below for more info.

Early Access?:

The ball is now rolling on Titans of Space 2.0 feature & content development, and I'm following a roadmap that I think many will enjoy.

The "Classic" version of Titans of Space (first on PC, then on mobile) was rated very positively by well over half a million players across several VR platforms, and it's been nearly THREE years since the very first version was released. Things change very quickly in VR since it is still new, and I recognize that player expectations are changing as well. After gaining a tremendous amount of experience in VR development, and finding a way to open up my schedule a bit, I am setting out to fulfill my original vision for the experience. Along the way, I want to make sure I am giving players what they want.

I estimate this will be in Early Access for 6-12 months. I'll be taking my time with each update to ensure the app is always polished and playable. Each update will probably include a significant feature or two + content additions + any bugfixes that are found.

When the app is feature complete and I feel it's ready for prime time, the final feature/content update will take it out of Early Access. Once it leaves Early Access, I will raise the price a bit and then continue development indefinitely for as long as it makes sense to do so.

Here is what Early Access includes right now:
  • The "Classic" tour, updated with full support for the premium VR headsets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (including Oculus Touch support).
  • Standing support.
  • Comfortable locomotion options.
  • Side-by-side comparisons feature.
  • Gravity Probe launcher feature.
  • Real Distance View feature.
  • Small content additions.
At this time, the roadmap includes FIVE more major features and modes, plus additional content for the Solar System, and fresh new content beyond. New features and content will be released in regular chunks, always polished and playable, and always built from the ground up for VR.

If you would like to give feedback, please head over to the
Titans of Space 2.0 discussion forum on Steam, and let me know your thoughts.

This is what I love to do, so thank you for your support!

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If you would like to support development, simply purchasing this program and leaving a review is more than enough!
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NOTE: If you have made a donation on or before May 19th 2016, I'm very grateful for that and would like to offer you a free copy of Titans of Space 2.0! You should receive an email from keys (at) drashvr (d0t) com shortly after release. If you don't get the email, please email keys (at) drashvr (d0t) com with your name and email used for the original donation.

Thank you for the support!


DrashVR LLC (support (at) drashvr (dot) com)

Music Credits:
Jon Hillman (
"Dark Times" by QuietAndy @
"Aerial Ballad", "Digital Rift" Courtesy of APM Music
"Venus", "Jupiter", & "Uranus" by Gustav Holst & USAFB

Audio Credits:
Royal (@
artifact (@

Image Credits:
Space Science Institute
Lunar and Planetary Institute
APL/Southwest Research Institute

NASA, Isaac Asimov,
Nathan Grant, John Van Vliet,
Fridger Schrempp, Bjorn Jonsson,
Phil Stooke, Runar Thorvaldsen,
and Seattle

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to all translators and testers for their generosity! Translator credits are available inside the credits area of the program itself.


A live changelog will soon be accessible from within the program's main menu. Future updates will be more detailed.

Changelog for v1.8 -> v2.0j:
  1. Updated to be compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  2. Standing support.
  3. Side-by-Side Comparisons feature.
  4. Gravity Probe launcher feature.
  5. Real Distance View feature.
  6. Small content additions.

Privacy Policy:

This program now collects data on all platforms (over Wifi-only):

What is collected:
  1. The app being played, and the app's version number.
  2. The operating system and operating system version number (e.g., Android OS 4.4.4).
  3. The name of the controller used, if any (e.g., Samsung Gamepad EI-GP20).
  4. The name of the device used (e.g., Note 4)
  5. The number of times the app has been played on that device.
  6. The duration of each playtime.
  7. How far through the app the player gets before quitting.
  8. Whether or not certain features are used.
What is NOT collected:
  1. No user-identifiable information is collected.
  2. No IP address is collected.
  3. No device ID is collected.
How is this data collected:
  1. A lightweight encrypted data transmission at startup, if the internet is accessible.
  2. A lightweight encrypted data transmission when pausing/exiting the app, if the internet is accessible.
How is this data stored:
  1. All data is stored in a secure database that no one but DrashVR LLC has access to.
How will the data be used:
  1. All collected data will be used to gain visibility into how the app is played in order to improve it.
Who will be able to access this data:
  1. Only DrashVR LLC.
  2. There may be a time in the future when aggregate "big picture" statistics are published so that the VR community can benefit from it.